South Korean Social Science Research on Africa

제목 : South Korean Social Science Research on Africa

소개 및 요약 : Since its advent in the 1950s, South Korean social science research on Africa has grown in scope and scale. As political and economic environments evolved over time, research too adapted to meet the demands of the time. Beginning with research focused on diplomacy and political factors during the Cold War, South Korea’s researchers transitioned to increasing their focus on economic factors and Official Development Assistance (ODA) in Africa. This study used bibliometric analysis to analyze common keywords in research sources from the 1950s–1960s, 1970s–1980s, and 1990s–2010s. The results of this analysis led to the development of cluster maps, in which terms were grouped by frequency of occurrence and their relationship to one another. An examination of these clusters can easily depict the research trends in South Korea according to era, thereby showing the evolution of research over time as well as providing a basis for the direction of future research on Africa.